A playable demo of my game is available now to showcase my progress so far. Go here to download it!

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Thanks for stopping by! Here you can create an account, login, change your profile and account settings. The account you see here, on the website, is the same account you will use in any games you play by me. You can redeem codes, claim rewards, update game information, and more. To claim your Secret Code Gifts please open the game, and any redeemed items will be waiting in your inbox. Codes can also be redeemed in game. Please ensure you remember your Username and Password, as it is how you will login to the game and store all your save information online. The game runs offline and is built to automatically backup your game save data for you whenever you connect to the internet and sign into the game using this Username and Password.

Please note that leaving the My Account pages and returning to the base personal website might log you out of your account. If it does not, you can return to this page without logging back in!

Why Should I make an Account?

That is a great questions, and in all honesty, an account isn't required for anything when you play my games! Having an account will simply make life easier when you want to redeem codes, save your games, or interact. An account on will grant you access to online code redemption (which will send rewards straight into your inbox in-game), online cloud saves of your game that are stored on the servers and backed up every time you save to ensure your progress follows you wherever you go, a messaging system to contact the site and game administrator where you can reply to me as I can to you, and so much more! Having an account here really is just for convenience sake!

I also have the accounts system in place to learn as many new things as I can to better myself as a programmer. That being said, please message me through the Let's Chat page to give me feedback, advice, report issues, or anything else your heart desires! Remember that you have to have an account to access the Let's Chat page in order for me to reply to you. Because of this, if you try to navigate to Let's Chat while not logged in, it will take you to the Login/Signup page.

Please note that I will not send you emails or spam mail ever. The only reason I will send you an email is in response to you in a case where you have explicitly asked me to reply. I will not share any of your information with any company, individual, or anyone else; your information is your information. Nothing you do on other websites is used on mine, and there is no advertising of any kinds. There are also no means by which you can spend money on my website, games, or on anything else I have or will make/made. Again, having an account is merely for convenience for you and myself.

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